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Seeking Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Michele Walsh is seeking a nurse practitioner, PA, or family medicine/ pediatric physician to replace her for one year at the Women’s Christian Hospital in Multan, Pakistan. Her contract ends in April of 2019. If someone can stay at least three months it would be helpful, but a full twelve months is preferred.

Details of the Job:

  1.  Would I be alone?  No!  We live on a compound and share meals and support each other.  There are plenty of people with experience to help you!
  2. Don’t I need to speak the local language?  Of course speaking the local language is helpful, but all our staff speak English and can translate and we could arrange for intro level classes for you!
  3. Is it safe?  Yes!  Living on the compound we are quite safe and well looked after.  Our city has had no violence since I arrived nor any of the surrounding areas.  We even have a bus system with security we can travel in when we want to visit another city.
  4. But I’m family medicine and not a neonatologist!  But I’m a NP and not a doctor!  Never worry!  We have protocols written to help with the management of patients and we have staff who know what we normally do.  We need you to help with the call schedule, to help make decisions and to help with differential diagnoses.  And – you get to improve your physical exam skills and low tech medicine skills!
  5. What is the shortest amount of time that is helpful?  It’s hard when staff changes a lot so 3 months is the minimum amount of time that would be helpful.  We’d love if you could come for all 12 months!
  6. I’m interested, what do I do next?  Contact me – I’d love to Skype with you!  I’m on Skype at mlwalsh04 on Whatsapp/Viber/Hangouts at +92 302 687 2279 and at email at


Seeking Global Health Practicum Position

“Hello everyone. I am getting my masters in public health in the global health department at Emory University (in Atlanta, Georgia, USA). This summer I need to do a practicum.
I am looking for programs that are already running, where I could put some of my skills to use for 6-8 weeks. Specific skills that may be of use are: monitoring and evaluation, qualitative research, survey methodology, etc. I can also do some data analysis. I will need to have an on-site supervisor. My interests include nutrition, strengthening local health systems, mental health, and the impacts of violence and trauma on health. There is an opportunity for me to apply for funding or partial funding of my practicum. Let me know if you are interested, have any more questions, and I can send you more information as well as my resume. Please email me at Thank you!”

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