In 2003, a small group of healthcare leaders gathered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference General Assembly to discuss the possibility of developing a Global Anabaptist Health Network. The focus was on Anabaptist related health institutions. Although there was interest, the idea germinated without much progression.

In July 2015, a Leadership Summit was convened in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference World Assembly in Harrisburg PA. This event attended by over 80 individuals representing many institutions and health professionals, considered the possibility of a more formal way of developing and sustaining connections.

Small ad hoc committee was selected to explore further the vison, mission, simple organizational structure, and data base of what is emerging as Global Anabaptist Health Network.

January 2016 saw the development of a Task Force along with sub-committees working together under the leadership of Pakisa Tshmika.