Logo – Meaning & Significance

  1. The dove is the Mennonite symbol used by many Mennonite organizations to symbolize Jesus’ life, baptism and ministry; the Holy Spirit; the biblical themes of creation, peace and hope. The use of the dove in the GAHN logo gives immediate visual connection the Mennonite / Anabaptist roots of GAHN;
  2. The olive branch in the dove’s mouth speak of hope and peace – the hope that was experienced by Noah when the dove brought the olive branch to the Ark at the end of the Great Flood; the peace that is our intention as we move forward in our ministry and work;
  3. The three leaves symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- the gospel entrusted to us;
  4. The dove is in flight, showing that we are also taking the initiative to bring peace, healing, care and the Good News of the gospel to others;
  5. The globe represents the worldwide scope of the GAHN organization;
  6. The globe carried on the back of the dove represents the caring and nurturing work of healthcare – how we carry others in their time of need;
  7. Multiple colors on the complete logo represents the multi-cultural and global nature of the organization
  8. Multi-colored pieces in the wings represent the many individuals who bring their gifting of skill and expertise together to form this network of healthcare professionals
  9. Multi-colors on the globe represent the organizations who come together from around the world to form this network of healthcare organizations