Health Summit July 3-4, 2022 Salatiga in Central Java, Indonesia 

GAHN is excited to host a Global Health Summit prior to the Mennonite World Conference Assembly 2022. The Health Summit will be a two and half day event in Salatiga in Central Java, Indonesia at the Laras Asri Resort & Spa. The first day, Sunday July 3, 2022 ,will consist of presentations, gatherings, sharing time and meal times, the second day (July 4) will be on the ground visiting sites and local destinations.  Our theme for the Health Summit is Global Connections and Nurturing Adaptability. We encourage anyone working in the health or healthcare field to participate at the Health Summit, whether it is in person when possible or joining us virtually through Zoom.

GAHN is now accepting proposals for presentations during the 2022 Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly and for our Health Summit.  The goal of the summit and the workshops is to allow people with similar interests working in the health field to gather, learn together and build personal and organizational resilience. 

More details on the schedule and activities will be coming. Registration will be combined with MWC Assembly registration.