Call for Workshop Proposals

Appel à propositions d’ateliers Convocatoria de propuestas de talleres

Greetings from the Global Anabaptist Health Network (GAHN) and peace to you.  We are eagerly preparing for the 17th Mennonite World Conference Assembly  in Indonesia 5-10 July 2022 and our Health Summit held on 3-4 July.  The meetings will be a hybrid event, meaning that we will meet in Indonesia, but participants can also join online.  

The Health Summit will be a two day event, the first day July 3, 2022 with presentations, gatherings, sharing time, the second day (July 4) will be on the ground visiting sites and local destinations.  We encourage you and as many members of your organization to participate at the Assembly and also at the Health Summit, whether it is in person when possible or joining us virtually through Zoom. Our theme for the Health Summit is Global Connections and Nurturing Adaptability.

GAHN is now accepting proposals for workshops and presentations during the 2022 Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly and for our Health Summit.  The goal of the summit and the workshops is to allow people with similar interests working in the health field to gather, learn together and build personal and organizational resilience. 

All workshops and presentations should reflect attention to either the power of faith connections or adaptability, especially in times of pandemic. Topics such as the following are welcome:

  • Health promotion and education concerning use of antibiotics, vaccinations, sanitation, personal protective equipment
  • Administration and good governance such as leadership, accountability structures, financial systems, workforce care and empowerment, global online networking
  • Program development addressing grief, pain, or loss, peace and reconciliation in healthcare contexts, trauma and healing
  • Strategic adaptation in areas such as risk management, responsiveness to crises and pandemics, new service delivery to isolated clients and marginalized communities
  • Services that support and nurture personal well-being and spiritual care of mind, body and spirit

The health summit is scheduled before the MWC assembly on July 3-4.  Presentations should be 30 minutes and allow for a discussion and question period following.  The workshops are scheduled for July 6-9, Wednesday to Saturday afternoons.  There are two time slots: 13:30-15:00 and 15:30-17:00. Our available spaces host from 50 to 200 participants. It is also possible to request a space for the whole afternoon block (13:30-17:00) for a seminar or multiple time slots for a series. The planning committee will assign proposals to either the Assembly workshops or the Summit presentations depending on how they best fit to each audience.

Submission date deadline: September 30,2021

Workshop Application Form

If you are accepted, we will be contacting you in the fall of 2021.  By May 2022, we will expect from you a PowerPoint presentation and a handout with English translation.  If needed, our committee will assist you in preparation.

 Thanks for considering a contribution to the worldwide Anabaptist health community.  Please address your proposal to GAHN and send it to: globalanabaptisthealthnetwork(at)

Global Anabaptist Health Network Steering Committee